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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice at the beginning of the lesson, how Ms. Catron reminds the students of the previous day’s lesson to connect it to the lesson.

Notice how objectives/targets are posted in a central location, making it easier for students to reference.

Notice the use of math skills to graph the number of words in each sentence.

How did the teacher get the students to understand the learning objective?

What role did kinesthetic teaching play in teaching the lesson?


Description of Video

Watch as Erin Catron teaches her first graders how to vary sentence length in order to engage the reader.


0:01 Varying sentence length
0:37 Learning target discussion with students
0:50 Description of roller coaster activity
1:50 Graphing sentence lengths
2:47 Next steps for students


Primary writing
Varying sentence length
Animated teaching
Integrating math into writing
Referencing posted objective
Connecting to prior learning

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