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For more information about our induction program, contact our Aha! Network team.

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Our goal:  Ensure that novice teachers feel supported and demonstrate success as professional educators, therefore, continuing to serve in the education profession.

Completing the process of induction is a required step toward obtaining a professional educator license. The Aha! Network through District 49 offers induction programs, which support teachers and administrators. We aspire to support, inspire and engage educators as they embark on new careers, which lead to accelerated levels of student learning.

The purpose of our two-year Teacher Induction Program is to support new teachers in ways that help them to be both highly qualified and highly satisfied in their careers.  Novice teachers are supported through the induction program to demonstrate competency with professional performance standards in order to significantly impact student learning.  

All teachers, special services providers, and specialists who do not currently hold a  professional license in the content area or grade level they are assigned to teach are encouraged to complete the Teacher Induction Program. A professional license may be issued to an applicant who holds a  provisional license and has completed an approved induction program. 

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