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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how well Mrs. Reed’s students transition through the different activities.  Consider how much practice this takes in a Kindergarten classroom.

Can you think of any routines in your classroom that could use more practice and and routine building with your students.

Think about the importance of modeling activities with students before they try it on their own.

Mrs. Reed uses vocabulary that the students can easily relate to.  Think about how this makes the transitions easy and fun for her students.  

Consider times when transitions can make things smoother in and out of your classroom: between assignments, lining up, the lunch room, etc.  


Description of Video

Jaclyn Reed, Kindergarten teacher at Ridgeview Elementary, discusses various transition strategies that are used in her classroom.  


0:15 Open-Shut them / Bunny tails (Proper sitting technique)0:40 Tip Toe Joe / Marshmallow Toes (Walking technique)
1:15 Teacher modeling
2:15 Ketchup / Mustard (Talking with a partner)


Working with Partners

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