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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how the students are engaged in competition without a high pressure component.  Consider how this helps students to learn their math facts.

Games can be a great motivator for students.  Think of an upcoming lesson that your classroom.  Is there a way you could add some of the content into a game for students?

The teacher says his goal is to get his students to go home and continue to practice their math skills.  Think about how these games and competitions will lead students to do just that.

You can see that the students are respectful of each other and display good sportsmanship.  What types of activities and conversations do you think the teacher has had to create this kind of environment?

This activity allows the teacher to give students needed repetition in a fun and engaging way.  

Description of Video

Watch as Aaron Lentner, third grade teacher at Meridian Ranch Elementary, leads his class through a math fact tournament.  ​


0:11 Discussion of multiplication fact tournament
0:47 Students competing
0:58 The value of competition


Math fact mastery

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