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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how engaged the students are in a lesson that is essentially student led.  This is a powerful display of students taking ownership of their learning.

Mrs. Busby mentions that as she is lesson planning, she thinks of ways to allow students the opportunity to question, debate, think critically, etc.  It is important for teachers to be deliberate in their planning to assure that these areas are a part of the lessons in class.

The teacher serves more as a guide in this lesson.  Consider how this leads students to take more ownership of their learning due to the structure of the lesson.

Mrs. Busby mentions that this type of lesson allows some students to learn more quickly from their peers, rather than from a teacher.  Why do you think this is?

Consider your own classroom.  Do you give students opportunities to have experiences like this one?  What might happen if you did?

Description of Video

Watch as Sarah Busby, Social Studies teacher at Falcon High School, discusses the importance of students taking ownership in the classroom.


0:06 Teacher discussion of planning lessons with student ownership in mind
0:43 Student debate in class
1:41 Teacher serving as a guide than the traditional view of teacher
3:08 Differentiation through peer learning


Student Ownership
Teacher as Guide / Facilitator

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