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Key Questions and Comments 
Consider the benefits of students talking with each other about their learning.  This is a powerful strategy to use in your classroom.

Why do you think the students enjoy having the opportunity to talk with others?  Do you think this is the same as adults?

Think of an upcoming lesson that you have.  At what points would it be beneficial to integrate activities such as the partner talk that you saw in this video?

This is a Kindergarten classroom. Notice the structures and management techniques that Mrs. Reed has put in place to make these activities successful.

Can you think of any variations of the “Quiz, Quiz, Trade” activity that could work in your classroom?  Think about how this keeps the learning and objectives enjoyable for students.

Description of Video

Watch as Jaclyn Reed, Kindergarten teacher at Ridgeview Elementary, uses a variety of engagement strategies in her classroom. 


0:08 Teacher discussion of “Ketchup/Mustard” partner activity
0:37 Students engaging in “Ketchup/Mustard” activity
0:49 Teacher discussion of “Quiz Quiz Trade”
1:05 Students engaging in “Quiz Quiz Trade” activity


Engagement Strategies
​Kagan Structures

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