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Key Questions and Comments 
Mr. Kranz establishes an atmosphere where students are expected to participate.  Consider how you might achieve this in your classroom.

Notice how the teacher distinguishes from being friendly with students compared with being friends with the students.  

Mr. Kranz mentions that some students have voiced that he can be intimidating.  Why do you think they might feel this way? Do you think this feeling continues as the year goes on?

The students are engaged in Mr. Kranz’s classroom.  What steps do you think he has taken to create this atmosphere?

Consider how the teacher takes personal responsibility for being prepared for the lesson.  Think about how this earns respect from the students.

Description of Video

Watch Falcon High School teacher, Dave Kranz, discuss the importance of engaging the students in his class.


0:07 Student engagement overview
0:18 Participation in class
0:54 The role of the teacher


Engaging Students
Classroom Management
The Role of the Teacher

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