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Key Questions and Comments 
Mr. Simpson mentions that his students respond well in his class compared to similar courses. Why do you think this is?

Compare this setup with how you were taught Social Studies in middle school.  Consider what advantages educators have today to reach students in unique ways.  

Notice how well the students were able to explain the setup and the procedures of the class.  What kinds of conversations and front loading lessons might you need to do to ensure success with this kind of learning?

Think about how the students respond when given the opportunity to make choices for their learning.  

What kinds of advantages do you think this type of learning will bring to students as they enter the workforce in a few years?

Description of Video

Watch how Social Studies teacher, Matthew Simpson, puts his students in charge of their own learning using a variety of methods.


0:07 Class setup
0:47 Differentiation for advanced students
0:56 Student explantation of National History Day
1:30 Student perspective of choice
2:02 Teacher rationale for free choice engagement strategies


Student Agency
National History Day

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