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Key Questions and Comments 
From the  students’ reactions, do you feel this was a motivational, productive activity?

How does the use of music and movement affect students’ attitudes toward learning?

​The teacher mentions that this activity allows a safe environment for the students to speak.  Consider the importance of this with English language learners.

The Stand Up- Hand Up- Pair Up activity is used here for vocabulary practice.  What other types of review and practice could this activity be used with?


Description of Video

Ginger Ernst applies Stand Up-Hand Up-Pair Up to engage students and review oral language  and vocabulary concepts.  


0:15 Description of Stand Up- Hand Up-Pair Up
0:35 directions for this audio-kinesthetic activity
1:05 vocabulary application through partner sharing
1:40 Students completing Stand Up- Hand Up-Pair Up activity
2:42 Teacher description of learning target/standard
​2:58 Teacher discusses the benefits of Stand Up- Hand Up-Pair Up


Academic vocabulary
Kagan structure
Stand Up- Hand Up-Pair Up

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