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Key Questions and Comments 
Is this something you could try in your classroom? Check out the resources on this page for free SPLAT lessons.

Notice how engaged the students are with this activity.  This kind of interaction encourages the students to gain proficiency as they want to “win” the game.

Can you think of different units of study that this could work with?  

The students are reaching higher levels of understanding.  Notice how they were able to come up with at least four different ways to solve the one problem.  This most likely would not happen with a traditional worksheet lesson.

Integrating games with learning is an effective strategy.  Can you think of other types of games that you could add to a current unit of study?

Description of Video

Watch Lisa Reid, fifth grade teacher at Woodmen Hills Elementary, use a method called SPLAT to get her students thinking about math and discussing it with their peers.


0:06 Teacher explanation of SPLAT
0:24 SPLAT explanation and example
1:09 Finding different strategies
​1:55 Importance of explaining
2:06 Student explanation
2:30 The value of productive struggle


Math Strategies

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