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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how the Showdown structure allow the students to communicate mathematics, see various problem solving techniques, and encourage peer collaboration.  

The cooperative learning structure, Showdown, allows the teacher to formatively assess and provide feedback in a short amount of time.  

Notice how the cooperative learning structure allows the teacher to appropriately pace the lesson so that teams are able to work at their own pace, keeping them engaged.

Notice how the teacher uses questioning to empower students to access prior knowledge and work through their misconceptions.

What techniques are used to foster high engagement during this lesson?

How does the teacher use the formative assessment to immediately modify instruction for student learning?

Description of Video

Discover how Carolyn Merritt uses Showdown to engage students and deepen understanding of math concepts through communication of mathematics with their peers. 


0:32 Background of Lesson
1:21 Explanation of Showdown
1:38 Pacing, Feedback, Checks for Understanding
2:18 Probing Questioning
3:06 Variation of Showdown Explanation
3:42 Formative Assessment and modifying instruction
5:32 Demonstration of Learning


Cooperative Learning Structure
Checks for Understanding
Formative Assessment

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