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Key Questions and Comments 
What do you think are some of the benefits of students engaging in self assessment activities?

Notice how Mrs. Reed has the students share with her their rating but keep it hidden from their peers.  Consider how this helps to keep each individual student honest with their own feedback.

What might be some appropriate next steps after students self assess their work in your classroom?

Think about how this ongoing activity helps to create a culture of improvement in the classroom.  

Can you think of students in your class who would benefit from this activity.  What other types of self assessment could you put in place?

Description of Video

Watch as Jaclyn Reed, Kindergarten teacher at Ridgeview Elementary, helps her students understand how to self evaluate their learning.


0:07 Teacher discussion of self evaluation with visual
0:24 Classroom lesson involving self evaluation
1:19 Thought process for students after the self evaluation


Self Evaluation
Evaluating with Objectives

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