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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how the teacher uses students’ participation to help them solidify these different concepts.  How would the results of this lesson be different if students were not active participants?

How could you connect the results of this study to some of your current lessons?

The teacher mentions that this lesson is setting up the summative assessment for students.  Consider what a powerful example this will be for the students as they prepare their own experiments.

Mr. Yingling is able to build his questioning and lessons after this unit.  Can you think of ways that you could increase student engagement in this way as you prepare future lessons?

Description of Video

Discover how Paul Yingling uses the Scientific Method to engage students and to improve understanding of concepts.   


0:29 Lesson introduction of schema theory
3:47 Summative assessment discussion
4:44 Evidence of student learning
5:26 Real world applications
​6:34 Application of scientific method


Schema theory
Experimental condition
Scientific method
Summative assessment

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