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Key Questions and Comments 
Think about the importance of having students analyze and rate their own learning.  What kind of benefits do you think this would bring?

Notice that the teacher emphasizes setting clear expectations for students so that they understand where they are at in the learning process.  This is fundamental to their success.

Mrs. Kelly also helps students to look at their own work and make adjustments based on the scales of learning.  This helps students to become competent evaluators of their own work.

Have you used a similar strategy in your classroom?  How do you think your students would respond to the different scales of learning?

As students progress into the workforce, it will be a very important skill for them to evaluate their own work and know how it compares to the expectations.  This is a great way to prepare students for their future.

Description of Video

Watch as Melissa Kelly, fifth grade teacher at Ridgeview Elementary, works with her students on reaching different levels of academic success.


0:06 Giving clear expectations for students
0:17 Teacher discussing different levels with students
0:34 Guiding students to self evaluate their learning
0:50 Students rating their work
1:07 Benefits of using scale rating systems with students


Scales of Learning
Student Self-Evaluation

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