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Key Questions and Comments 

It is imperative for students of all ages to understand why they are learning what they are learning.  Not every class or subject has as direct of a connection as this one, but it is important as educators to make that connection clear.  

Mrs. Busby has identified what skills and knowledge her students will need as they enter into the world as adults.  This is an important concept for all educators as we prepare our students. 

Notice how respectful the conversation is in this video.  What types of expectations do you think the teacher put in place ahead of time?

Think about a subject that you teach.  What are the main concepts that you want your students to take away from that subject?  Based on what you have seen, do you think this is being accomplished?

Why is relevancy such an important topic with our learners today?  Do you think it is even more important today than it was when you were in school?

Description of Video
Watch as Sarah Busby, Social Studies teacher at Falcon High School, discusses the importance of keeping the material relevant to students in her American Government class.​

0:06 Relevancy related to Government class
0:50 Students interacting with real life issues
1:24 The natural connection between relevancy and Government class
1:49 The importance of students knowing why they are learning something

Connecting Student Learning

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