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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how Ms. Watson identified a need in her students- they were unable to explain their thinking. She and her team then found a strategy to match this need.  

Consider how this strategy helps to guide students as they are working through a complex problem.  Is this something you could integrate into your classroom? Perhaps in a different context?

Think about how this strategy connects with students on a high level, but also keeps the actual steps in a kid-friendly format.

The teacher talks about how this strategy helps to hold students accountable for their answers.  This is an important step with student learning.

​Ms. Watson comments that this strategy has helped to build the confidence of her students because they are able to back up their answer with each step.  Why do you think this is so important for students, particularly in math?


Description of Video

Watch Catherine Watson, fourth grade teacher at Meridian Ranch Elementary, engage her class with a strategy for solving math word problems:
RACE: Restate the Question, Answer the Question, Check Your Answer, Explain Your Reasoning


0:11 Teacher explanation of identified need in classroom
0:46 Explanation of RACE strategy
1:11 Teacher modeling of RACE
2:46 Benefits of using RACE 


RACE Strategy
Math Word Problems

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