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Key Questions and Comments 
Quizlet provides thousands of ready made flashcards for you to use with your students.  This can save you lots of time in planning.

Notice how excited students are as they review material learned in class.

Can you think of an upcoming lesson that you could utilize the resources with this tool?

Students today are growing up with technology.  Traditional lesson and worksheets may not be enough for all students anymore.  This is a great resource to engage students with up to date technology.

Consider some of the more active students in your classroom.  Think about how the game aspect of this site could help to motivate and engage them.

Description of Video

Watch as Aaron Lentner, third grade teacher at Meridian Ranch Elementary, discusses Quizlet Live.


0:11 Description of Quizlet Live
1:11 Team Building strategy
1:38 Benefits of Quizlet Live


Quizlet Live
Team Building

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