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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how the teacher talks about keeping students engaged and working then they are at different parts of the process.  Think about how you can do that with the current units of study in your classroom.

The teacher discusses how students learn to access information.  Are your students able to access the information necessary for their learning in class?  If not, how might you provide this to them?

Mr. Matia discusses how he creates a process of learning for students.  Consider how you might be able to do this.

What parts of this teaching approach could you incorporate into your classroom?

​The students in this lesson will present their final project to a board of engineers.  This creates a real world connection for the students.  Think about how this helps to engage students and add purpose to the lesson.

Description of Video

Discover how Todd Matia uses Project Based Learning in high school to engage students and to improve understanding technology concepts. 


0:12 Four stages of the design cycle
0:45 Setting benchmarks to keep students on task
1:05 The role of the teacher
1:43 Impact of project based learning



Design Cycle: Planning, Designing, Creation, and Evaluation
End design
Gantt chart
Process of learning

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