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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how the teacher begins the lesson by discussing how this will be used in the real world.  This helps to establish relevance to the students.

Consider the students are working together in cooperative groups.  What kind of planning and discussions do you think would need to happen ahead of time to make this activity successful?

The students enjoy taking on the role of the teacher.  Can you think of an upcoming unit that you are teaching that students could take on the role of expert and teach others in the class?

The students are very engaged in this lesson. In your opinion, what aspects of this activity lend themselves to this engagement? What do student like about it?

Think about how students get to take on different roles during this lesson.  This helps to solidify their thinking and problem solving skills in different ways.

Description of Video

Watch Lisa Reid, fifth grade teacher at Woodmen Hills Elementary, work with her students on problem solving, using a variety of strategies.


0:06 Teacher introduction
0:20 Lesson target
0:48 Teacher explanation of lesson
1:24 Students completing lesson
1:40 Teacher discussion of engagement
1:53 Benefits of lesson


Problem Solving
Math Word Problems
Student Engagement

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