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Description of Video

Heather Reading explains how to organize small group rotations with modeling and using a visual chart.


0:10 Small Group Management System
0:50 Different Small Group Stations
1:12 Establishing Routines

Key Questions and Comments 
How does the teacher model the expectations for each small group during the instructional time? 

​The teacher discusses the importance of setting routines and practicing to save time as the year goes on. Consider your own classroom.  Are there any areas that might require more practice earlier in the year, to save time later on?

Mrs. Reading teaches the students how to select a book. This is something that would be easy to overlook as a teacher.  Think about other areas or skills that students may need guidance on that we often assume they already know.  

How might these routines and practices carry over and benefit other parts of the instructional day?


Visual chart of the small groups (rotations) 
Modeling and practicing routines 
Expectations of small group behavior

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