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Key Questions and Comments 
It is clear that these students have engaged in Number Talks many times.  Think about the importance of this repetition as it relates to their math understanding.

Consider how this strategy helps to cement the most fundamental concepts in math.  Think about your own units of study. Are you giving your students daily support in the most important areas?

As the different students share their reasoning, notice how the other students are closely paying attention.  The behavior expectations have been rehearsed many times.

Is there an area in your teaching where students can talk through their thinking out loud?  How could you integrate this into your lessons?

Ms. Spurlock allows different students to explain in different ways.  Think of how powerful it is for these kindergartners to hear all of these different explanations on the same skill.

Description of Video

Watch Beth Spurlock, kindergarten teacher at Bennett Ranch Elementary, perform “Number Talks” with her students.


0:07 Lesson Introduction
0:24 Teacher discussing the benefits of Number Talks0:44 Lesson in action
1:17 The importance of students talking about math


Number Talks
Student Engagement

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