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Key Questions and Comments 
Mr. Kranz wants to ensure that all students are held accountable for their learning.  Consider ways that you also do this in your classroom.

Think about how, by using this strategy, students will be more engaged with the discussion that is happening in the classroom.

The teacher holds the students accountable without creating an embarrassing situation for them.  This is an important element to this strategy.

Mr. Kranz mentions that students have learned since early in their educational years that they can avoid participating in class by stating that they don’t know the answer.  Can you think of any other habits with your students that may have developed over the years?

The students are now engaging with each other in a positive way in the classroom.  This strategy helps students to learn how to connect with each other in an academic setting.

Description of Video

Watch as Richard Kranz, Social Studies teacher at Falcon High School, shares a strategy for holding students accountable during class discussions.


0:06 Explanation of “No Opt-Out” and “Phone-a-Friend”
0:54 Timing for this strategy
1:14 “Phone-a-Friend” being used in the classroom
1:46 Changing habits of students


Holding Students Accountable
Peer Help

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