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Key Questions and Comments 
The teacher discusses the importance of making sure that the visual model is correct.  Consider how this helps students to visualize the problem more accurately.

Ms. Watson states that each year she stresses to students that they will not rush through the model.  Think about how having this expectation sets the students up for success as the year progresses.

Notice how this problem is thoroughly dissected with the students.  This visual will help students truly understand each part of the problem, leading to a greater chance of success when they begin to do this work independently.  

Each part of this problem is broken down with a different variable.  Ms. Watson has made a conscious effort to ensure that students will understand each individual step.  Consider how this planning will benefit student learning.

Think about your own classroom.  Is there a concept that students seem to struggle with each year?  How might you address this differently the next time you teach it? Can it be broken down into smaller steps?

Description of Video

Ms. Watson, fourth grade teacher at Meridian Ranch Elementary, shares her thoughts on the importance of modeling math word problems with students.


0:12 Teacher discussion of modeling math word problems
0:30 Establishing the importance at the beginning of the year
0:56 Working through the whole problem
1:13 Breaking problems down step by step


Math Word Problems
Setting Expectations

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