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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how the teacher has the students identify the objective at the beginning of her lesson.  

The teacher discusses how the students have learned through a variety of ways- “I Do, We Do, You Do”, partner work, student teachers, etc.  Think of how you could give your students multiple repetitions in class by utilizing a variety of activities.

Consider the multiple assessments checks throughout this lesson.  By the time that the “You Do” portion of the lesson arrives, she already has a strong grasp of where students are at.

The teacher discusses the system she has in place for assigning students partners.  Consider the system of grouping and partner work in your classroom. 

Description of Video

Watch how Nancy Bogacz uses modeling and scaffolding throughout her Engage NY Math lesson to ensure that all students are learning.


0:38 Discussion of modeling
1:04 Informal assessment strategies
1:53 Grouping strategies
3:02 Transitioning to the “You Do” portion of the lesson


Grouping strategies
I Do, We Do, You Do
High in the sky

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