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Key Questions and Comments 
This strategy gets students talking through their thinking with a peer.  This a powerful strategy to increase student learning.

Think about how this creates a situation where there is a lot less pressure on the individual student.  Students are only working with one of their peers, rather than a whole group.

Can you think of other strategies you have seen that allow students to talk through their thinking in a safe, comfortable way?  By having a peer coach, some students will be more comfortable in this setting than with the teacher.

How might you follow up a lesson like this as a whole group?  What kinds of conversations or activities might bring closure to the lesson as a whole?

Think of an upcoming lesson in your classroom. Can you think of a time during this lesson where you might be able to implement the Rally Coach strategy?  When might be an ideal time to give students the time to work in this setting with their peers?

Description of Video

Watch as Melissa Kelly, fifth grade teacher at Ridgeview Elementary, uses the Rally Coach strategy in her classroom.  


0:06 Description of work in the classroom
0:18 Rally Coach in the classroom
0:47 Benefits of using Rally Coach


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Rally Coach

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