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Key Questions and Comments 
Mr. Lentner states how students love to be the one in charge of the group.  Can you think of any other activities you could put in place so that students have this opportunity?

The students are grouped with others who are the same ability.  Consider how this helps to push the students with just the right amount of practice for them.

The teacher has put guidelines in place for his students.  What kinds of practice and instruction do you think went in to helping the students work well together in groups like this?

Think about how during this time every student is working at their own level.  This kind of differentiation would be very difficult to achieve in a whole group setting.

When students achieve this kind of independence working with each other, that also allows the teacher to focus more on the students who need more individualized instruction.  

Description of Video

Watch as Aaron Lentner, third grade teacher at Meridian Ranch Elementary, leads his class through math fact fluency practice where the students are in charge.  


0:11 Description of math fact practice groups
0:39 Student working in groups
0:49 Guidelines for the group
1:23 Differentiation


Math Fact Fluency
Cooperative Learning

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