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Key Questions and Comments 
What are the various instructional strategies that the teacher has embedded to continually keep students engaged and keep an appropriate pace for the lesson?

What is the rationale of using a learning map in a unit? How does this benefit the teacher? How does this benefit the students?

What are benefits of using a summarizing tool such as a learning log during instruction?

How does the use of a timer support pacing and student engagement?

Description of Video

Discover how Carolyn Merritt uses High-Impact Instructional Strategies such as learning maps and learning logs to increase engagement and deepen understanding of content.


0:31 Description of Learning Maps
2:17 Timer (Using a timer as an engagement strategy)
2:35 Managing Supplies
2:59 Learning Log
4:07 Engaging Students through a Variety of Tools
​4:34 Utilizing White Boards


Learning Maps
Learning Logs
Student Reflection & Summarizing
High Impact Instructional Strategies

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