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Key Questions and Comments 
The teacher says he usually does boys versus girls in this game.  Think about how this gets the kids excited and leads to increased engagement.  

Why do you think students are excited for these types of activities?  

Can you think of ways to supplement your upcoming lessons with quick games like this one?

Notice how Mr. Lentner has created the game so that there is not a lot of individual pressure on the student.  Think about how this allows the student to relax and focus more on the material.

Consider elements of this game that you could adjust to some of your current lesson plans.  Perhaps you have students working on vocabulary that could be used in a game like setting similar to this one.

Description of Video

Watch as Aaron Lentner, third grade teacher at Meridian Ranch Elementary, shares a whole class game that helps to build math fact fluency.


0:11 Explanation of “Knock Out” game
0:41 Students playing the game
0:53 Strategies involved in the game


Math Fact Fluency

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