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Key Questions and Comments 
How could you use this note-taking strategy in your own classroom? What are the benefits of keeping this type of interactive notebook?

How does this note-taking strategy allow for the teacher to formatively assess student understanding?

How does this organizational strategy support student learning?

How does students generating their own questions encourage deeper thinking about the content?

Notice how the brain-based strategies differentiate for multiple learning modalities.

Think about a subject that you teach.  What are the main concepts that you want your students to take away from that subject?  Based on what you have seen, do you think this is being accomplished?

Why is relevancy such an important topic with our learners today?  Do you think it is even more important today than it was when you were in school?

Description of Video

Discover how Robin Walters uses interactive notebooks to support organization and allow students to interact with the content through note-taking, questioning and summarizing.


0:13 Lesson Background
1:11 Description of Cornell Notes
2:30 Description of Organizational Strategy for Interactive Notebooks
3:50 Rationale of Interactive Notebooks
4:20 Generating Questions
4:45 Brain-Based Strategies

Connecting Student Learning

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