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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how the teacher uses informal assessment strategies with her iPad and clipboard throughout the lesson.  Can you think of times during your instruction when this would be beneficial?

The teacher discusses strategically grouping students.  What kind of impact do you think this would have on your partner or group based lessons?

Consider how the teacher mixes Kagan strategies with Whole Brain Teaching to make her own unique style.  

The teacher uses a happy/sad face strategy to encourage student engagement.  How could you implement a similar model into your classroom?


Description of Video

Watch how Nancy Bogacz uses a blend of Kagan strategies and Whole Brain Teaching to create structures and transitions that increase student engagement.  


0:10 Whiteboard activities
1:05 Transition example
1:36 Informal assessment strategies
2:28 Strategic grouping
3:11 Happy/Sad faces


Whole Brain Teaching
Think time
Happy/Sad face

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