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Key Questions and Comments 
Ms. Watson comments that with a positive environment, students will be more likely to take academic risks in class.  This is an important element to consider when helping students to reach their full potential.

The teacher identifies respect as her number one rule.  Consider your classroom- what would students say is your number one rule?  Is this an area that you might want to address?

The class created a classroom agreement.  This is displayed in the classroom with student signatures.  Think about how this could be used to address different issues in the classroom.

Understanding the needs of her students, Ms. Watson intentionally includes opportunities for students to talk and engage with each other.  This helps to address the issue before it actually occurs.

Ms. Watson mentions that she sometimes stops in the middle of the lesson to help the group refocus.  Although this might sometimes feel like it is slowing things down, it will actually help learning to progress at a faster rate once the expectations have been made clear.  

Description of Video

Ms. Watson, fourth grade teacher at Meridian Ranch Elementary, discusses the different ways she helps to create a positive learning environment in her classroom. 


0:12 The importance of a positive classroom environment
0:42 Respect in the classroom
1:10 Classroom Agreement
1:23 Addressing the challenges


Classroom Management
Working in Groups

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