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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how the teacher places students into groups using a random process.  This allows students to be with others who they may not normally get a chance to work with.

Mr. Kranz mentions that the grouping strategy allows students to work off the interests and strengths of each other.  Consider how powerful this is in the classroom.

As students prepare for the workforce, it becomes increasingly more important for them to be able to work with others.  Think about an upcoming unit of study in your classroom and how you could incorporate more group work.

As the students are working with each other, the teacher has the opportunity to walk through the classroom and check on the individual groups.  This is a great way to give more individualized assistance to students.

The students are providing peer tutoring throughout this activity.  Why do you think students respond to this so well?

Description of Video

Watch as Richard Kranz, Social Studies teacher at Falcon High School, shares some of the benefits and strategies of using group work in the classroom. 


0:08 Creating groups
0:39 Student assignment
1:37 Discussion of group dynamics
2:10 Benefits of group work


Group Work
Engaging Students

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