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Key Questions and Comments 
The teacher has a clearly defined format for teaching this lesson: objective, teaching, modeling, partner work, etc.  Think about how this planning and consistency helps students learn new concepts.

Mrs. Kelly begins the lesson by clearly defining the objective for students.  This helps to guide the learning of the students as they know what they are working towards.  

The students get a chance to work on the application problem with a partner.  This is a great way for the students to start working on the new skill before they are expected to do it independently.  

Mrs. Kelly discusses the importance of problem solving.  Is this an area that you directly teach in your classroom?  How can you improve this skill in your students?

The lesson ends with a Rally Coach exercise.  Notice how the students have many different opportunities to work through the new material.  

Description of Video

Watch as Melissa Kelly, fifth grade teacher at Ridgeview Elementary, completes a fraction lesson with her students. 


0:06 Teacher description of current objective
0:35 Teacher discussing objective to students
1:19 Students applying new content with a partner
1:49 The challenge and importance of problem solving
2:00 Modeling of the lesson
2:18 Partner work and Rally Coach


Teaching Fractions
Lesson Structure

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