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Key Questions and Comments 
How were students engaged in a variety of ways throughout the guided reading lesson?

How can picture walks throughout a book aid student learning?

The teacher discusses how students can move to different groups based upon their level of learning.  Think about how this allows the students to grow academically.

​Notice the wide variety of skills that the students are working on.  Carol’s organized system allows her to differentiate for all of the various needs in her classroom.

Why is relevancy such an important topic with our learners today?  Do you think it is even more important today than it was when you were in school?

Description of Video

Discover how Carol Hooey uses guided reading groups for students to make predictions and perform picture walks through a book.


0:12  Guided Reading Lesson Overview
0:29 Picture Walk
1:45 First Reading: nonverbal cues
2:10 Whisper Reading
4:21  Reading group ability placement of students
4:45 Second Reading: retell, comprehension, extended writing


Picture walk
​First reading / second reading

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