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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how this lesson is scaffolded for student learning.  Students have different levels of support in place so that they can be successful.

Consider the level of excitement as Ms. Frederickson reveals the answer to the number of dice in the jar.  This is clearly an engaging lesson!

Think about how the students learn from each other.  This provides a level of support as students come to the correct answer.

The teacher talks about how this strategy helps to build culture in the classroom.  Think of some of your current units of study. What are some ways that you can adjust those lessons to have students working with each other side by side?

The students are engaged throughout this entire lesson.  Consider how useful this is as students learn how estimating works in the real world.

Description of Video

Watch Barbara Frederickson, fifth grade teacher at Rocky Mountain Classical Academy, work with her class on an engaging lesson using estimation.


0:09 Teacher explanation of importance of estimation
0:14 Lesson introduction
0:22 Teacher discussion of the challenges of this lesson
0:40 Lesson in action
1:54 The impact of this lesson
2:15 Lesson extension
3:19 Impact on classroom culture


Classroom Culture
Active Participation

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