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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how the teacher starts the lesson by having the students work with her to write the learning objective for the day.

Consider how Ms. Mullins groups her students.  How does this help to create a successful learning environment?  

Notice the use of white boards to do a quick formative assessment.

How is movement used throughout the lesson to teach the students letter-sound relationships?

How do you think the teacher established the expectations of the turn and talk strategy within her kindergarten classroom?

Description of Video

Watch as Ashley Mullins teaches her kindergarteners a literacy lesson using various engagement strategies.


:19 Learning target
:48 Teacher discussion of different activities
1:17 Movement integration
1:27 See it, say it, write it
2:32 Teacher review of lesson / next steps


Vowels-short a, long a
Learning Objective
Kinesthetic learning
See it, Say it, Write it-letter sounds to learn words

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