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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how the teacher incorporates several different standards into one lesson.  How might you adjust your current units of study to include more standards?

The students are using several different skills to complete their essays.  Think about what lessons must have been completed earlier in the year to make this possible.

There is a lot of organizational help provided to the students to help make them successful.  Consider what types of support you could provide your students so that they are able to focus on the current standards being taught.  

​The teacher discusses the connection of this lesson to the rest of the unit.  Notice how different content areas tie together into the unit so that students are using their knowledge in multiple areas.  


Description of Video

Discover how Susan Yoon explains how to use multiple documents to answer questions and form evidence based opinions.  In addition, she uses the documents for vocabulary development. 


0:20  Introduction to Document Based Questioning
0:55 - Standards Based Teaching
1:18 - Establishing Expectations
1:30 - Discussion of Standards
2:03 - Lesson in Context of the Whole Unit



Multiple Sources
Document-Based Questioning
Standards Based Teaching

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