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Key Questions and Comments 
Think about how the teacher begins her lesson with student friendly targets.  Consider how this helps to guide her lesson structure.

Mrs. Reed comments that they usually begin each lesson with a blending / segmenting activity.  Can you think of something in your classroom that would be useful for students to have daily practice with?

The teacher uses a short video clip to engage students.  This helped to reach different styles of learning and provide a nice flow throughout her lesson.

Notice how well the students engage with the “Quiz, Quiz, Trade” activity.  Think about the classroom routines and expectations that have been put in place to make this successful.

Think about how you could include some cooperative learning and partner activities throughout an upcoming lesson in your classroom. 

Description of Video

Watch as Jaclyn Reed, teacher at Ridgeview Elementary, completes a reading lesson with her Kindergarten class.


0:17 Student friendly targets
1:25 Blending / Segmenting activity
1:56 Digraph lesson


Student Learning Targets (Objectives)
Blending / Segmentation
Kagan Structures

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