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Key Questions and Comments 
Mrs. Webster uses a participation sheet for students.  She mentions that this is particularly helpful for students with interventions in place.  Why do you think this is?

Sometimes as educators we may assume that students know what is expected of them.  This is usually a mistake. With the participation sheet, Mrs. Webster makes it clear to students what exactly is expected of them.

Consider your own classroom.  Are there expectations that you have that student might be unclear on?  What might be the best way to address this?

The teacher uses a system of class points to reward students.  This helps students to work towards a common goal and encourage each other.  

Mrs. Webster has created a culture where she is constantly checking in with students regarding their understanding of the material.  This is a very conscious strategy and one that has led to strong student growth in her classroom.

Description of Video

Watch as Bridget Webster, teacher at Horizon Middle School, shares different ways that she collects data on students to evaluate learning and participation in her class.


0:06 Participation sheet
1:03 Class points
1:41 Checking for understanding


Data Collection
Active Engagement
Checking for Understanding
Improving Participation

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