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Key Questions and Comments 
The teacher mentions that she goes over routines and practices each day.  Notice how well this is working for the students in the classroom.

Mrs. Mullins uses movement as a strategy to help keep kids focused.  This is important for kids of all ages. Think about your own classroom.  Are there times that your students seem to lose some focus and may need to take an exercise break?

The students use fun names like “Robot Arm” and “Rubber Band Technique” in their lesson.  Consider how these small details help young students to process the information easier.

After the whole group activities, the teacher goes around and monitors as students complete their work independently.  The flow of this lesson fits very well with the ability and attention span of the students.

This video shows the importance of classroom management.  Mrs. Mullins has created an ideal learning environment in which students are safe and ready to learn.

Description of Video

Watch as Ashley Mullins, Kindergarten teacher at Meridian Ranch Elementary School, shares ways that she has created a fun, interactive learning environment for her students.  


0:05 Background and expectations for lessons 
0:46 Routines and practice
1:13 Movement in the classroom
1:35 Robot Arm (Listening activity)
2:14 Rubber Band Technique (Listening activity)
2:40 Feedback to students


Learning Environment 
Classroom Management
Phonemic Awareness

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