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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how teachers from different content areas, plan a collaborative research project, incorporating each of their expertise.

Notice that the projects were based on student choice of topic and group member choice.

What are some of the various forms of technology mediums used for the project presentations? 
How were formative and summative assessments used throughout? 

How did the use of technology aide in frequent checkpoints?

Description of Video

Watch how Rachel Jeffrey and Dan Sack plan and implement a technology based, cross-curricular research project.


0:03 Background of lesson
1:11 Collaborating as teachers
2:00 Checkpoints for students
2:32 Establishing the target objective
3:36 Assessment practices
3:53 Philosophy behind the project
5:10 Utilizing technology within the project
​6:06 Final steps for students


Project-based learning
Collaborative grouping and teaching
Technology-iMovie, blogging,
Google Docs, Schoology
Cross-curricular planning

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