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Key Questions and Comments 
The teachers in this video assign jobs to students for many things that they would like to do themselves but do not have the time to do while they are teaching. Think of your classroom- what are some things that you would like completed that students would be able to do?

Consider the wide variety of jobs mentioned in this video.  Your jobs do not need to have predictable names and tasks- it could be anything going on in your classroom.

Mrs. Webster discusses how students take ownership of these jobs.  When you incorporate concepts like this, students feel like they have more of a purpose in your classroom.

Mr. Webster shares that he finds specific jobs based on personality traits. Think of a challenging student that you have had in the past.  Can you think of a particular job or task that might have helped this student?

The concept of classroom jobs is a simple one.  However, its importance should not be overlooked. It is another layer of classroom management that can make the difference between a student having success or not.  

Description of Video

Watch as Bridget Webster and Matthew Webster, teachers at Horizon Middle School, share how they use classroom jobs as a management tool.


0:09 Clickers in Mrs. Webster’s class
0:45 Jobs in Mr. Webster’s class
1:30 The ownership that occurs with the jobs
​1:58 Selecting jobs for students


Classroom Management
Student Jobs

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