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Key Questions and Comments 
Mrs. Crawford states that she spends the first two weeks of the school just getting to know the students.  Consider how this time investment pays off throughout the rest of the year. 
Mrs. Crawford discusses how she wants her students to see her as a human being.  Think about how this will help the students to connect better with her and feel safe in the classroom. 
Think about why Mrs. Crawford uses the “No sé José” / “I don’t know.” This helps to create a safe environment for student learning.  Can you think of a way you might be able to use a similar strategy in your own classroom?
Notice how the curriculum is geared toward the interests of students.  This helps to increase student engagement, as seen in the video. 
The students are participating very well.  What do you think Mrs. Crawford uses to help assess the progress of her students?

Description of Video

Discover how Jess Crawford shapes classroom culture in her middle school foreign language classroom.


0:03 Strategies for beginning of school year
0:28 Curriculum explanation- La Persona Especial / A Special Person
1:08 Building relationships through the curriculum
1:37 Creating a safe environment
1:50 Allowing student privacy- No sé José / I don’t know
2:37 Example of teaching


Safe Place

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