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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how all three teachers interviewed are using the same strategy in their classrooms.  This is a team of teachers who work together for the benefit of students.

Circling is a strategy designed for language acquisition.  However, the idea of focusing on the most essential areas is one that every teacher can embrace.

Mrs. Webster discusses “teaching to the eyes” in her classroom.  She is able to judge student understanding based upon their facial responses.  Consider how you might be able to use this strategy in your classroom.

Mr. Webster discusses how he is able to differentiate with his questions on the spot.  This shows a powerful example of a teacher who understands the needs of his students and the content area that he is teaching.  

The students in Mrs. Crawford’s class are engaged with her conversation.  There is a lot of laughing going on as she presents the material. Have you used humor as a strategy in your classroom?  What might be a benefit of this?

Description of Video

Watch as Bridget Webster, Matthew Webster, and Jessica Crawford, teachers at Horizon Middle School, share a strategy they use called circling.


0:14 Explanation of circling
​0:30 Circling in the classroom
0:50 Teaching to the eyes (judging student understanding)
1:52 Differentiating for students


​Language Strategies

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