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Key Questions and Comments 
Consider how this activity gets students up and moving around the room.  Not only are students engaging with an important skill but this will also help them to get energy out and be ready for the next lesson.

Think about an upcoming lesson that you may have.  Can you think of a way to add more movement for the students?

Mr. Lentner has added game elements to this activity so that there is a winner at the end.  Consider how this might help some of the students who enjoy games and competition.

Notice how the teacher made an adjustment so that eliminated students can still participate and get back into the game.  This helps to ensure engagement throughout the entire activity for every student.

Students are doing several different things at once- chanting, walking, etc. Think about how this helps their brains to truly memorize the different multiples so that they can succeed at the game. 

Description of Video

Watch as Aaron Lentner, third grade teacher at Meridian Ranch Elementary, guides his class through a counting by multiples game.


0:10 Explanation of “Circle Around” game
0:36 Students playing the game
0:50 Discussion of the benefits of the game
1:09 Game in action
1:40 Progression of game throughout the year


Number Sense

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