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Key Questions and Comments 
What organizational strategies did you notice during the Carousel Activity?

What student accountability for their comprehension do you notice during the Carousel Activity?

How does the Carousel Activity allow for the teacher to check for understanding and provide feedback?

Notice how the teacher holds the students accountable
         -for each group doing their work(colored sticky notes)
         -for knowing how to signal they are ready to transition (lights and pointing)
         -for analyzing the correct answers during the second rotation (peer critique of answers)
         -for the learning target by completing the exit sheet

​How might these strategies impact the learning in your classroom?

Description of Video

Discover how Lori McCoy uses the Carousel Strategy to engage students in collaborative comprehension discussions and build student accountability. The teacher builds in multiple opportunities to check for student understanding.


1:00- Turn and Talk
1:26- Hot Words
1:58- Carousel
​3:01- Exit Ticket


Checks for Understanding
Turn and Talk
Hot Words
Cooperative Learning

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