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Key Questions and Comments 
How are the students accessing prior knowledge to ensure success during the activity?

How does the teacher use modeling and scaffolding to support her students?

Notice how the teacher uses time management, clear expectations, team roles, and structure to deliver an effective lesson.  

What procedures does the the teacher have to put in place to make these possible?

How does the carousel structure allow the teacher to formatively assess student’s understanding?

How does the teacher use the formative assessment to immediately modify instruction to support student learning?

Description of Video

Discover how Heather Ullrich uses the Carousel Structure to engage students and formatively assess student understanding of non-violent activism strategies.


:11 explanation of carousel activity
1:33 modeling
2:43 accessing prior knowledge
3:12 students working on carousel activity
4:53 student discussion of work
6:40 carousel activity in action
7:40 planning, structure, time management
8:29 team roles and classroom management
8:51 formative assessment and modifying instruction


Classroom management
Time management
Formative assessment

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