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Key Questions and Comments 
How could the teacher continually use this strategy throughout the unit to formatively assess student understanding?

How does this strategy allow students to self-assess their understanding of the content?

Consider how this activity could be used as a warm up or a closure activity throughout the unit to reinforce vocabulary and make connections between content.

Notice how the teacher empowers students to access knowledge and make connections while acting as a facilitator of learning.

What is the benefit of the teacher acting as the facilitator of learning rather than the lecturer?

Description of Video

Discover how Robin Walters’s students use Card Sort to make connections between content and self-assess their understanding.


0:17 Lesson Background
0:55 Card Sort Introduction
2:10 Card Sort Description
2:50 Role of the Teacher
4:12 Scaffolding
4:38 Summative Assessment


Critical Thinking
Scaffolding Strategy
Student Self-Assessment
Card Sort

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