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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how the teacher restates the learning target multiple times throughout the lesson.

How would using the Bullseye method help students reflect on their own learning?

Notice the teacher’s questioning techniques to check student understanding.

​Why is Sage and Scribe an effective strategy in this lesson?

Think about how the teacher has students self assess at the end of the lesson.  How might you incorporate this into your teaching?


Description of Video

Sixth grade teacher Carolyn Leyes revisits the learning target throughout the lesson and helps students evaluate if they have met the objective.


0:13 Importance of integrating learning targets
0:46 Background of lesson
2:08 Learning Target (Introduced)
3:14 Learning Target (Revisited)
3:35 Learning Target (Student led)
3:58 Sage and Scribe
4:43 Checks for Understanding
​5:12 Student Reflection


Learning Targets
Check for Understanding
Student Reflection
Sage and Scribe

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