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Description of Video

Watch how Brian Lewis uses Broadcasting & Media Production to allow students to create real world projects utilizing the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Key Questions and Comments 
The teacher emphasizes how the project is based on real world connections.  How does making a real world connection to learning increase student engagement?

Notice how the teacher establishes student ownership of the projects.  Is this type of ownership possible in more traditional types of learning?

How could this type of project be adjusted to fit into other academic areas?  Science? Math? Language Arts?

Consider how you could provide student feedback on a project like this.  What types of teacher and peer to peer feedback devices could you put in place to ensure student learning is happening?

​The teacher utilizes Google Docs to allow for student collaboration.  Think about how this platform allows successful collaboration to happen with students. 


0:09  Background of Project
0:56  Incorporating 21st Century Skills
2:58  Establishing an Authentic Audience
4:05  Real World Projects


Critical thinking
Authentic audience

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